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Praetorian warrior

Accept a challenge and test your problem-solving skills with our Tech Puzzles. Solving the puzzles could give you a head start if you want to be part of our team - Enjoy!

To become a Praetorian you will be expected to demonstrate knowledge, persistence, honor and integrity. We have constructed a series of challenges, for those who wish to prove, test or hone their skills "on the field". The reward for successful completion of the challenges is an interview with the Praetorian Tribuni (senior members), for consideration of your application.

When you complete all challenges, please send a copy of your resume along with all hash values you collected and any code used in the challenges to:

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You will be thrown into the Colosseum alone to fight off a series of attacks from gladiators. Choose carefully the order in which to attack them.

Start Mastermind Challenge


The ancient Roman game of ROTA is easy to learn, quick to play. It makes a great game for new recruits that teaches planning ahead and the points of the compass.

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The objective of this challenge is to make your way through eight crypto challenges. Levels cover a wide range of topics, from steganography to cryptographic attacks.

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This challenge requires knowledge in reverse engineering, buffer overflows, memory disclosure, ASLR, and crafting exploits to execute commands remotely.

Start PWNABLE Challenge

Machine Learning

The crux of the challenge is to build a classifier that can automatically identify and categorize the instruction set architecture of a random binary blob. Train a machine learning classifier to identify the architecture of a binary blob given a list of possible architectures.

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